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Nobody knows when an accident occurs. As a result, it's always a good idea to take steps to reduce the risk that are already exposed to you and your family, especially your children. After all, toddlers don't see risk when they look at your furniture; they see a toy to play on. In addition, toddlers sometimes believe that the safest way to watch TV is to sit right in front of it.

Dressers and large pieces of furniture with drawers on the bottom cause serious damage because toddlers can easily open the drawers and use them as steps to reach objects on the top of the dresser or on higher shelves. The furniture becomes unbalanced as a result of the open drawers and the weight of a toddler stepping on them, increasing the risk of it tipping over. Toddlers and small children are vulnerable against the weight and force of a large piece of furniture falling over, which can result in severe and often traumatic event. A furniture, television, or equipment tip-over harms a toddler in the United States every 17 minutes. These are shocking figures that can be avoided with a little knowledge and a few minutes spent securing televisions and furniture.

Not only should you secure your toddler's dresser and larger, heavier pieces in your house, but you should also secure dressers in all bedrooms. Remember that when it comes to quickly exploring around the house because your toddler knows no bounds.


Babyproofing your Furniture

Any home where your toddler can spend a significant amount of time should be assessed and childproofed. To say the least, learning to be a parent without becoming a parent is a tremendous responsibility. You love them, you teach them right from wrong, and you sit back and watch their little personalities develop, giving you endless joy. So take a few moments to make certain they are safe. You'd be shocked how easily a baby can get into trouble. Here's how to babyproof your home's main rooms, from kitchen cabinets to outlet covers, to keep them safe for babies and toddlers. Toddlers are most at risk from tall, top-heavy furniture pieces. Take a walk around your house, looking at different pieces of furniture. Keep in mind that toddlers may be too curious or start climbing on furniture. As a result, if you have any questions, secure it to the wall. Don't overlook areas like your garage or basement, which have plenty of large shelves.

Installing furniture anchors is the simplest way to remove the possibility of dropping furniture or televisions. Furniture anchors are a more sophisticated, long-lasting method of securing objects. They're usually in the shape of a strap. Anti-tip systems are sold with new furniture, such as dressers. Install them as soon as possible.


Which furniture should be anchored?

Bookcases, dressers, closets, and cabinets are all good anchoring options. There are drawers, cabinets, doors or a piece of furniture. These features will encourage climbing and leaning, making them more prone to falling over if not properly anchored or locked. Toys and remote controls should not be placed on top of furniture or televisions. This will encourage a child to climb before they reach the object, resulting in the furniture or television falling over. Lock drawers and cabinet doors if you want to reduce the chance of climbing or leaning any further. This takes away the child's urge to ascend as well as his or her ability to do so.


Anti-tip Furniture Straps

Heavy furniture is secured to the wall with straps, which prevents it from falling over. If you have children, consider using a safety furniture wall strap to protect all of your heavy and unstable furniture and avoid furniture tip-overs. When attached, the baby proofing furniture anchors provide a reliable latch, and when removed, they slip off easily with a release feature, allowing you to clean your furniture quickly and safely. All equipment is included with the anti-tip furniture package, including screws, adjustable quake, furniture safety straps, braces, and wall anchors.

The straps come in two-packs, and each piece of furniture needs at least two straps to be stable. The nylon straps are attached to the furniture on one end and the wall on the other. The straps are equipped with screws. When working with larger, taller pieces, it's best to use more than two straps.


Anti-tip Furniture Strap for baby room

You want to make sure your child remains secure and out of extreme danger as they grow older and become a toddler ready to explore your home. You can securely protect any furniture in your baby room with the anti-tip furniture strap. These are durable, adjustable furniture wall straps with improved fastenings that will never slip, so they will still carry TVs or dressers after you move them. Anti-tip furniture straps are dedicated to providing practical safety solutions that protect your children and home from damage, and we stand behind our products.


Buy best furniture wall strap in USA


When it’s about anchoring your furniture mothers are usually conscious about where to buy the best straps which can ease their problem so here we mentioned it. Kareklub High Quality Furniture Wall Straps available at best price on USA amazon. They are superior in quality Sturdy nylon belt and rustproof screws firmly lock furniture and ensure indoor safety for your kids and pets. It comes with all necessary hardware, mount furniture anchor vertical or horizontal as required.

Securing furniture takes only a few minutes no fancy tools are required to prevent accidental tip-overs of shelves, TV, cupboard, wall bookshelves, baby dresser, or any other furniture. The installation of our anti-tip furniture straps are hassle-free, you just have to mount furniture anchor vertical or horizontal as needed. High quality furniture wall straps available at best price.




How to install anti-tipping furniture straps?


  • Move the wall away from the bookshelf and measure the bookshelf’s length and width.
  • Mark the drilling point.
  • Drill Hole on wall for long screws.
  • Hammer the expansion nail into the holes.
  • Fix the mount onto the wall with drywall long screws.
  • Mark the furniture and fix mount with small screw.
  • Bound both mounts with nylon zip strap.
  • To make sure that it is stable, give the strap a slight tug. For the second strap on the other end of the bookshelf, repeat this process.

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