How Can I Fix HP Laptop Not Starting up Black Screen Issue?

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The black screen problem usually arises after Windows Update, and many people have encountered the HP Laptop Not Starting up Black Screen issue. Whether you’re getting issues like the black screen on the startup, you can try the method mentioned here to fix your problem. Here are the solutions to try that will help you resolve the HP Laptop Black Screen problem. Generally, the faulty hardware can cause the black screen on your HP laptop, so you should remove the hardware connections from your laptop and see if this is where the issue lies. First of all, turn off your laptop and then remove the power, hard drives, the battery, and any attached peripheral devices. Next, press and then hold the power button for a minute and release. Then, you need to put your battery in and plug the charger, don’t plug anything else. Lastly, boot your laptop again to see if the hp laptop not starting up black screen issue is resolved or not.

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