Grow your passion in this Tailoring and Aari Embroidery designing world.

Grow your skill in tailoring, embroidery, and aari designing from professionals, who have more than 5 + years of experience in this.
Nichi embroidery - Tailoring classes in Bangalore, also provides you the learning opportunity from the place where you are, through online.

Clothing is one of the basic needs of human living people one becoming fashion mindful. With the change in fashion style, the stitching of garments also changes. Hence keeping in view the market demand and change fashion technology, courses on cutting, tailoring Aari embroidery designing have been suitably designed in the structure of non-formal training. The beneficiaries are new literates. Besides in Indian tradition girls/women are expected to know tailoring to meet the basic stitching requirement at home. Stitching of garments at home is a money-saving device. Besides tailoring can be a profession for self-employment. 

Nichi embroidery provides you the best tailoring classes in Bangalore and Aari work classes in Bangalore for those who want to develop their skill in tailoring and designing field, Nichi embroidery also provides the facility of e-learning for those who are seeking to learn from their home itself. we provide special weekend sessions for those who want to learn.

To provide knowledge training in 

  • Use of tools equipment used in the tailoring profession 
  • Embroidering technology
  • Taking correct body measurements
  •  Basic hand machine stitches 
  •  Designing, drafting pattern making 
  • Layout fabric estimation 
  • Cutting, Tailoring finishing of garments for kids, ladies gents.
  •  Alteration, errors remedies to fitting problems. 
  • Processes of quality check, packaging, labeling, branding, costing publicity. 
  •  Sourcing of cloth materials, trends relating so servicing process. 
  • Skill to construct professional-looking garments. 
  • Enhancing employability entrepreneur skills. 


Benefits :

can open his/her private tailoring shop or can do tailoring work at his/her own house or can take up orders work from factories. 

Nichi Embroidery

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