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MBBS in Russia represents be one of the

MBBS in Russia represents be one of the best career options for pursuing MBBS in RUSSIA MEDICAL COLLEGE. Studying MBBS in Russia is becoming most popular among Indian medical students because it provides high-quality education at an affordable fee cost. Russia is among the top study destination where students from different countries come to study MBBS. About 30 positions are occupied by the top best Russian medical colleges in the World rankings of medical universities.

Russian medical universities have a high substructure, experienced faculty, and offer high-quality medicine education. MBBS in Russia is the most popular medical course among international medical aspirants. The level of MBBS education in Russia is well developed and advanced. Nowadays, most Russian medical universities provide MBBS study in the English language for international students at very affordable university fees. There are over thousands of Indian students currently pursuing MBBS in Russian medical universities, most of them are enrolled in MBBS courses these numbers are increasing every year.

Medical universities of Russia are recognized by the top government firms WHO and NMC of India. MBBS degree awarded in Russia is valid all over the world. MBBS course curriculum in Russia is similar to Indian medical colleges. Thus, students passing MBBS from BEST MEDICAL COLLEGE IN RUSSIA are eligible for appearing in the MCI screening test in India.


MBBS tuition fee in Russia is not so high as compared to India, the cost of applying for a room in university hostels is quite low, saving your money for a larger spending budget. Student living expenditure remains almost the same as in India because the economic value of the Russian ruble is the same as that of the Indian Rupee. The cost of studying MBBS at a Russian medical university is within the budget of a middle-class student.

University fees in Russia are subsidized by the Russian Government, which makes the fees affordable for Indian MBBS students to study MBBS in Russia. The average MBBS fee in Russia is 4000 US Dollars which is equal to 2,80,000 Indian Rupees per annum, which is the lowest fee to study MBBS abroad. Low-cost MBBS Fees and affordable living expenses, fascinate more and more Indian students to study MBBS in Russia.

MBBS low-cost Fees in Russia

Fees in Russian medical universities range between US$ 4,000 to US$ 6,000 per annum. We have put on our website the medical fee structure of Russian medical universities. Check out all the necessary details about tuition fees, hostel fees, and other expenses before applying for an MBBS study in Russia.

1- Cost-efficient

If compared to the tuition fee of many other renowned medical universities from across Europe, keeping in mind the high quality of education and graduation, Russian medical universities are the best ones can get.

The fee structure of Russian medical universities to study MBBS is sufficiently lower and more affordable. Not just fees, even the living expenses in Russia is inexpensive, even in major cities such as St Petersburg, Moscow.

(This is because the Russian currency i.e. Rubble faced a reduction in the past few years, making it affordable for international students to study MBBS.)

2- Scholarships

All the hardworking and deserving students who have performed well in academics can apply for university scholarships.

Russia provides several free tuition opportunities to foreign medical students who visit to study MBBS in Russia via scholarships annually.

So, the impassioned students with academic excellence being critical on finances can get some relief, if opting to study MBBS ABROAD in Russia.

3- Entrance free admission

There is no competitive entrance test for students who choose to pursue MBBS in Russia. Instead, the 12th-grade performance is considered for MBBS admission in Russia.

The minimum percentage to get admission to any medical college is 60%. You should score more than 60% in subject PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) for studying MBBS in Russia.

4- Admission procedure made easy

Avoiding difficulties, the MBBS Russian college’s admission procedure is very easy and made simple for international students. They demand no SAT or IELTS which is a basic knowledge test for admission. All they look up for is your secondary education school performance.

Unlike other European countries and the US, the Russian medical universities’ selection system is easier and equitable. The admission is more on a first-come-first-serve basis.

5- Recognized MBBS universities

Russia has many well-established medical universities and is recognized by WHO and the medical council of various leading and developed countries.

With well-established infrastructure and roots in having the most illustrious results, many universities provide high-quality medical education at a relatively affordable cost. The MBBS degrees earned here are valid in many other countries, so the after-course practice becomes easier for a foreign MBBS graduate student.

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