Which is the Best Platform for Online Home Tuition in Kolkata?

The well-known one-to-one platform offering online education to the students has developed a wide range of resources for students so that they can get the best learning from home.

Which is the Best Platform for Online Home Tuition in Kolkata?

Ziyyara Learning

Being one of the major educational hubs, Kolkata has the presence of some of the oldest and finest schools and colleges across the country. The city has a rich tradition of schooling where most of the schools are either managed by state governments or by private organizations. In order to meet the academic requirements, the majority of the students opt for home tuition in Kolkata so that they can meet up their learning pace. The schools in Kolkata have a ‘10+2+3’ plan and follow different course curriculum including CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, etc.

The presence of prestigious schools in Kolkata increases the competition level to a much greater extent making students hunt for online tuition in Kolkata. This way they can supplement their school education and can perform academically well. But sometimes the lack of availability of qualified tutors in Kolkata and higher tuition fees charged by them make it difficult for the students to perform academically well. Thus aiming to help all such students we at Ziyyara brings quality education closer to them.


Through Ziyyara’s unique scientific assessments for student’s learning, we are the right choice for all the students. At Ziyyara, we deliver tailored and well-structured online home tuition for school students living in Kolkata. Our entire curriculum, course modules, and fees are designed aiming to solve the needs and requirements of all students. Also, we have a flexible schedule so that students can decide the timing of online tuition in Kolkata as per their convenience and pace.

With LIVE online tuition classes from Ziyyara, students can get a handful of benefits mentioned below:

  •       You will get the opportunity to learn from the best tutors in and around Kolkata
  •       These classes are economical prove to be a time-saving option as compared to other forms of education.
  •       Students get live online classes and recorded sessions to revise the concepts later.
  •       Detailed topic-wise feedback is provided to students.
  •       Our teachers are well aware of all kinds of formats including CBSE, ICSE, and state boards.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Ziyyara has a team of highly qualified teachers from all streams like Science, Arts, Language, Commerce that work together for the betterment of students. We ensure that our tutors teach all subjects as per the needs and learning style of the students at reasonable rates.

Support from Students. From Day ONE, you joined Ziyyara, you will get complete support from our tutors.

Many Students. We at Ziyyara currently offer quality education to many students, this has empowered us in performing much better than others.

Online tutoring at Ziyyara is all about getting assistance from a tutor from a global network of individuals who are highly expertise in a particular subject. There is no denying the fact that higher levels of education result in higher employment rates and increased earnings. So the earlier you start taking quality education, the better it will be for you in the future. Some other common benefits of taking online tutoring from the expert home tutor in Kolkata is mentioned below:

24*7 AVAILABILITY. When it’s about online tutoring services, geography and time don’t matter at all. Online learning can happen anytime and anywhere, no matter how far you are located from your tutor. With online you don’t have to wait until a scheduled time for getting all of your problems solved, rather can get them solved anytime. Many times, students find it difficult to catch up to the speed of other students in a class, but with Ziyyara’s one-to-one online home tuition in Kolkata each student can learn at their own pace.

INDIVIDUAL APPROACH. Making students engaged in class is not an easy task, it is the duty of an online tutor to make the concepts more interesting so that they can learn them easily. Students at Ziyyara are made to understand difficult concepts understood using the right teaching styles offered by home tutors in Kolkata and they are provided with the right kind of online resources to learn things. Personalized online tutoring and customized online courses offer incredible opportunities for overall development, personal growth, and business success. Nowadays parents don’t have much time to look after the studies of their kids, thus making online tutoring a more flexible and affordable education resource. The versatile feature of online tutoring allows students to easily book online classes at Ziyyara that match their busy schedules.


Ziyyara provides online classes to the students studying in classes 5-12, online tutoring services are available for all students despite their different learning requirements and needs. Any age group student studying a different board can opt for online tutoring services at Ziyyara by sitting at his/her comfort zone. The comfort of online education by getting it from your home is something you will not get anywhere else, people who are unable to travel can easily get access to these online classes. Now the school-going students who consider accounts, maths, science, etc. as difficult subjects can take online tutoring to get infinite benefits. Online tutoring offers a wide variety for everybody.


Students tend to forget things easily when they study in groups, but online tutoring permits them to study from their own space. This easy-to-access system helps learners of all age groups to improve their learning abilities without mugging up the concept. and adds an informal open-mindedness interaction.

Online tutoring offered at Ziyyara is all about a one-to-one learning experience and not just about any unproductive time spent in a coaching center or a classroom. Online learners can get undivided dedicated attention that helps them become subject experts.

AFFORDABLE. Highly qualified online home tutors in Kolkata at Ziyyara are available not only on weekdays but over the weekends as well, giving better flexibility to the learners. If someone decides to continue taking online tutoring along with continuing their jobs, then the option to take weekend classes is more feasible to them. The affordability of online tuition in Kolkata is really reasonable and there will be no wastage of time in terms of traveling. Ziyyara keeps on introducing special discounts on online tutoring services so all can enjoy quality learning.


Many reports revealed that taking online tutoring increases the overall efficiency of students and tutors as well. Tutors can create well-organized programs considering the requirements of the learner and, on the other hand, learners can benefit from the same by getting customized learning. The teachers can easily keep a close eye on their student's performance and can help them study and learn in a distraction-free manner.

Earlier whenever we talk about tutoring, the majority of us think about traditional face-to-face teaching style only but in recent years the notion of tutoring has entirely changed. The Education Industry is now witnessing the ‘The Digital Modification of Everyday Lives’ and as compared to the conventional medium of education, this digital or online education is far better. Due to the shortage of time, parents look for academic help outside the classroom and thus appoint a private tutor so that their children can understand the concept. Teaching methods, learning technology, course choices, one-to-one online tuition in Kolkata, etc. have made Ziyyara one of the coolest learning platforms for school-going kids. Knowledge can always improve by personal, one-to-one support, and students getting personal tutoring to perform much better as compared to others.

With digitalization, the education sector has also witnessed tremendous changes, now students don’t have to travel carrying heavy books to the tuition centers. When everything is easily available online, be a part of it by enrolling for home tuition in Kolkata at Ziyyara.

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