Know Everything About Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Patel Nagar

People relentlessly keep waxing, threading the body hair which in long term also affects the skin texture apart from causing redness, irritation, bumps, and painful ingrown hair. So, instead of trying useless home remedies or visiting the salon every week, it is best to consult a dermatolo

Those looking for a laser hair removal clinic in Delhi, can consider visiting Clinic Skin Essence located in Patel Nagar and led by the dynamic duo of Dr. Anu Kapoor Dr. Parmil K. Sharma. They provide treatments for various disorders and problems related to the skin. And, laser hair removal is the most widely-requested and popular procedure nowadays. It is a treatment that is painless and advanced lasers are used to help one get rid of unwanted body hair. The treatment uses highly concentrated beams which are targeted into the hair follicles. When the light gets absorbed by the hair follicles, it destroys the unwanted hair resulting in hair-free smooth skin. This Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Patel Nagar is a befitting solution for all skin types, and the damaged hair follicle will not produce any hair for a long time. Getting rid of unwanted hair on the face and underarms can be completed within 15 minutes. Larger areas of the body that require a lot of hair to be removed may take about an hour to complete the procedure.

The results of laser hair removal treatment in Delhi provided at Clinic Skin Essence are long-lasting, and it requires maintenance sessions only once a year after the area of hair removal has been treated completely. The laser beams aimed at the hair get destroyed completely, but new hair follicles may appear in hormonal changes and weight gain cases.


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