Vorkath's head used on Ranging Cape

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With letters following letters from gamers whining about the growing piles of useless head drops in the lender, the developer team has announced that from today on, the boss head like Vorkath's head may be utilized on the OSRS Ranging cape to get Assembler Effect. In addition, head drops can also be used on Dark Alter to acquire Prayer XP. Let's learn how to use them.

Vorkath's head used on Ranging Cape

Still, think killing the Vorkath enough times provides you nothing besides a futile Vorkath head fall collecting dust from your bank? You need to now think differently. You can now infuse the ability of your Vorkath head drop in your Ranging cape to give the cape the identical ammo collection rates as Ava's assembler. Then your cape will no more be the old one simply with ammo-saving effects equivalent to Ava's accumulator. To make your Ranging cape more powerful, you need to directly use the boss head-on Raging cape, instead of utilizing a pre-made Ava's assembler onto it, since the assembler does not work on the cape.

The use of the head of Vorkath can be more than adding assembler influence on the Ranging cape. Except for Vorkath's head, with additional boss heads on the Dark Alter can grant even 2,500 Prayer XP at a set rate. Moreover, the use of minds on Dark Alter demands no favor from Arceuus or other personalities. When you have loads of head drops on your bank, you may readily use all of them on Dark Alter at the exact same moment.

Consider getting the assembler impact with Vorkath's mind for Ranging cape OSRS now. And don't forget to buy rs gp and osrs training service out of us to use it in-game.

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