Why Delta Airlines Phone Line is Always Busy?

If you're like many travellers, you've gotten frustrated with calling Delta Airlines. Since it's a high-profile airline, I'm sure you've had to call them at some point or another to make reservations. So why are Delta phones always so busy?

“Due to extremely high volume, we are unable to answer you call” – This is what you might be hearing while trying to book a flight with Delta Airlines. Well, let us tell you, you are not alone. Booking a flight with Delta can be tough at times due to the unavailability of their customer support.
To contact them, you need valid Delta Airlines Reservation Phone Numbers
Following are two most common reasons why Delta Airlines Phone Line Always Remain Busy.
Delta is a high-profile airline with a large passenger base.
Delta is a high-profile airline with a large passenger base. The Atlanta-based company has a fleet of more than 700 planes, as well as more than 20,000 employees and hundreds of thousands of customers. In terms of size and scope, it's pretty similar to other major carriers like American Airlines or United Airlines; the difference is that Delta's customer service phone lines are always clogged.
Why? One of the reasons could be that Delta is still using outdated technology: picking up the phone and waiting on hold for 30 minutes isn't exactly efficient or effective when you're trying to get through to someone about an urgent matter such as missed flight reservations or suspicious charges on your credit card statement.
The wait time for reservations is longer in peak season than during non-peak travel times.
You may notice that the wait time for reservations is longer in peak season than during non-peak travel times. In other words, the busiest time of the year to fly is when most people are traveling. Peak season generally runs from June to September and December through February. This includes holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve/Day as well as weekends and school breaks (think spring break). The good news is that Delta does offer rewards programs so you can get free flights if you fly enough miles with them.
If you are unable to get through to the phone line, try again later. Also consider calling at different times of day or on different days. You can also try calling from a different phone number (i.e., home versus work), as well as using a different airline website or calling directly from the airline's mobile app.
Keep in mind that it is unlikely that any one solution will be successful every time; most airlines have multiple options for contacting them, so chances are good that there is at least one way for you to get in touch with them if you're having trouble with their main line.
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