Bike Fixo offers Bike Service & Repair at Home in Delhi NCR

We provide Bike service and Repair at home in affordable prices.

BikeFixo offers doorstep bike service repairing in Delhi NCR. The price range of the bike service at home is between Rs 299 to Rs 999/- and assures a turnaround time of 60 minutes for a service.

BikeFixo is on a mission to ensure excellent quality bike service repair work is accessible to everyone at a reasonable price. Offers general bike service at home, major repairing at home, denting and painting diagnostics at home and roadside assistance in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon Faridabad.

“Doorstep bike servicing is a fast-evolving concept, and bike lovers appreciated this service, as it saves time and money, and increases the uptime of the vehicles.
People are becoming familiar with the doorstep servicing concept, it has been evolving in the commercial vehicle segment as well.Also, it improves the availability as customers don’t need to send their vehicles to the workshop.”

In covid pendamic, Digital professional bike lovers Mr. Rajeshwar Gupta found his sports bike dead for not driving since 3 months he take little time to look after his motorcycle and get it serviced from local unprofessional mechanic. He soon realised that this was a problem faced by all Two wheeler owners, and decided to do something about it The result was with joint efforts of Mr. Arun an IT Professional, Bikefixo is one of the best doorstep solutions for Bike Scooty servicing that are now available in Delhi NCR.

The idea is to replicate the experience of cutomer to going to the local mechanic shop, and wait for a long time to receive bike after service with local products which creat a lot of problems further to bike engine bike performance or to visit the workshop for vehicle servicing due to his busy schedule.

BikeFixo provides users with the option of an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), as a cost effective method to keep vehicles serviced on a regular schedule, the services also offer options such as discount coupons and referral programmes.

Doorstep Services offered by Bike Fixo in Delhi NCR:
-Bike Service at Home
-Bike Repair
-Breakdown support
-Bike Accessories
-Old Bikes Sale Support

Link to Book Appointment:
For Instant Booking Call : 9717817135

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